Mjesana Marmelada Jam 500 gram Fana

Mixed Marmelade Jam Fana 500 gram


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Fana Marmelada mijesana.

Sastav: voce u promjenjivom omjeru (jabuke, kruske, sljive, visnje), secer, tvar za zeliranje: pektin, regulator kiselosti: limunska kiselina. Bez konzervansa.

Suha tvar: 67%
Sadrzaj voca: 40%

Apple, as one of the basic ingredients of mixed fruit jam is rich in nutrients and almost all the necessary nutrients, which contributes to better health, and now it is more than 7,000 apple varieties that differ in flavor, sweetness or acidity, juiciness and consistency. The apple is rich in organic – malic acid, and contains A, B, C and E vitamins.

Besides apples, mixed jam and pear contains as one of the oldest old fruit species over 20,000 years in the current Asia. Pear is an important element in a healthy diet that contains B1, B2, B3 and C vitamins, and rich in fiber.

Cherry was another of the ingredients in the mixed jam was known for the red pigment and its antioxidant properties. In addition a significant source of beta carotene and vitamins except A and C and contains phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium.

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500 gram

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