Vegeta Podravka all purpose seasoning bag 500 gram

Vegeta Podravka All Purpose Seasoning Bag 500 gram


Product Description

Vegeta is the most famous Croatian product and the absolute authority in the market of universal food seasonings. It is a combination of vegetables and seasoning herbs and a must have product in your kitchen. Podravka created Vegeta back in 1959 in the search of a way to enhance and improve the aroma of meals and causing a true culinary revolution!

Vegeta’s secret lies in the fact that it does not dominate the aroma and flavor of a meal, but rather adds fullness to it. Simply sprinkle Vegeta over any meat to be roasted or BBQ-ed or add it to soups, sauces, vegetables, rice and other cooked food 5 minutes before they are done. Your meal will have a stronger aroma and will be much tastier.

As a universal food seasoning it gives a full and rich flavour to all savoury dishes, from the tiniest snacks to the richest of feasts. It is a unique mixture of spices enriched with several kinds of dried vegetables. Vegeta is a combination of culinary experience and healthy ingredients.

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Weight 500 g
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